Jolimont - a music camp

The first thing you see, turning on to the estate from below, are two pillars, arrable land surrounded by woods, an alley flanked by trees and - at the end of this alley - a villa surrounded by big trees.

If you're lucky you can see children making music, playing or lazing about.



In Switzerland, between the lakes of Neuchatel and Biel, lies a long hill mostly covered by woods, the "Jolimont". Between the woods: an estate constisting of arrable land, a "Manoir" (a small castle), the "Brennerei" (an annex, in the past the distillery), a farm and a Villa build "english style" at the end of the 19th century.

Music camp

In this Villa since 40 years a music camp for children aged between 12 and 18 takes place in the summer. The camp is unique in its surroundings and its intention and philosophy: to learn children to love classical music and to take individual responsibility and at the same time to cultivate communal sense and togetherness.


The purpose of this site is to explain the camp and the philosophy behind it from different perspectives. Starting from the principle that visitors of a website only read what they are really interested in I tried to describe the camp for different kinds of readers. For those who want to read the whole site it may mean a repetition from time to time.


For specific information about the music camp and the house see: Info.

English version

The English version of this site was translated by myself from Dutch, so it may contain some dutchisms.

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